About Us

I am...

a Husband...a Father...a Friend...a Photographer

The Corporate Stuff

During the day I am a corporate stiff/ finance guy at Daimler...you know, Mercedes...(they don't make TV shows about what I do:-). The coolest thing I have done at work is pursue my black belt (but it is in Six Sigma...I know, what the h*## is that!). But hey...after earning my MBA at Duke University my wife and family make sure I use it, I also get to work with a group of the smartest, hardest working people in the world.

The Cool Stuff

I have the hottest and coolest wife in the world who is an even better photographer then me.

I am a Hockey Dad! I have 3 boys who live, breath and eat hockey so from Fall to Spring I live in ice rinks. You might even find me on the ice at some of those learn to play clinics for old dads.

The Photography Stuff

I love photography, meeting people and parties...so when I'm not a corporate stiff or a hockey dad you will usually find me in the most obscure locations shooting people (hence the company name).

What I look for in my images...EMOTION...that's it...everything else in the image should complement the emotion and make you look good!

I'm pretty good at this stuff and am among the 5% that are excepted into the Wedding Photo Journalism Association. I also have images that are ranked in the top 5% of all time on Pixoto and I have been published in multiple magazines.